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Benefits of Ipe Wood

Ipe is pronounced as the EE=pay. Ipe can be described as one of the bet quality type of wood that is mainly used for decking reasons. it is a hard wood and does not decay easily. Its sturdiness sis compared to the California red wood and it ends up being harder. This type of wood is well known and popular because it can live even up to twenty years without being preserved and still come out as fresh as it was. Other type of trees or wood would need some kind of preservation so that they can be maintained. This type of epai wood is mainly harvested from the type of forests that are well maintained and cared for and they are set apart so that they can offer a renewable source.

Some of the qualities that they are well known for is that they are rich brown in color. It is also wel known for being dense since its grain interlocks with each other hence making the outcome to be very strong. The grain that makes up the wood also appears to be wavy this tends to offer the wood a sense of slip resistance. Its maintenance is very low as there is no need to apply the colors or add preservatives on it. When it is being cleaned, you only need to do it by brushing off the dust and wiping off the spills. You do not need to use any kind of detergents to ensure that it is clean. It is also mold resistant. The color that is on it may fade after a long time, however, its fading will have no effect on the quality of the wood that it is. To maintain the original color, you can buy the ipe oil which will maintain its original color and also allow it to remain shiny. This page has more details about these products, check it out.

Ipe is mainly considered by many when constructing a deck. The deck will tend to be strong. This is because the wood can be a replica of the mahogany. Therefore, when you use it for construction, there are so many benefits that you are going to have. One of the major benefits is that you will not need to maintain the wood. This is because it is strong and so durable. You will only have to apply some ipe oil on the surface to maintain its original color that may tend to fade after a long time due to exposure to sunlight.

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